Working Daze

Working Daze

Since graduating in December of 2013, I have hit the ground running, with an internship at one of the most renowned publications in San Antonio, THE CURRENT, as well as working at a part-time job, and helping to kick-start a local business as their freelance web and graphic designer. In June of 2014 I began work as a Full-time in-house graphic and web designer, in charge of e-mail blasts, and maintaining their current websites, and making small changes to help expand their brand and identity. On the web side, I am now a resource to local agents, to create and develop their websites, making specific coding alterations to templates, and already live websites. I have since become a web analyst, determining how effective our content is, and how its reaching our demographic through truly optimized SEO settings (also determined by me). I initiated an office wide blog program, in which everyone is responsible for one blog a month, focused on any topic that is relevant to our business. In relation to brand management I have begun and continue to manage multiple social media and google ad campaigns, for the various companies we own and represent.

We have begun developing a new marketing campaign expanding across the nation to an organization similar to ours, combining resources in order to generate one rich company under one name. My expertise in videography has also been brought into play as the organization, coming out from Denver, led me through the process of filming and editing a full marketing campaign, relying heavily on a lead system, generated through radio ads, and maintained with an extensive funnel system, that I am now often called upon to edit and optimize. On my own I have since filmed and edited, two videos that are now used to drive traffic to our website and social media sites.

All of these things considered, I can now say from experience that you are pretty much guaranteed to never do exactly what you were hired for, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. My knowledge and expertise has expanded leaps and bounds from where its was year ago as I entered the business world. I have come realize that I am truly passionate about my degree and the career path I have started down. I am excited for what lies ahead of me, as I leave work and feel full and satisfied with the work that I have produced, though I am never truly happy with the leave at which I am designing. I am constantly pushing myself, and searching the web for new inspirations, and I am proud to say I have a fiancé who is more than happy to encourage me to push my boundaries and design outside of my comfort zone (Futura). Tomorrow I will be attending my first conference, primarily focused on the use and management of WordPress, and I am so excited for all that I will learn, and take from the speakers. They are expecting over 300 people to be present and to take part in the sessions, and the networking abilities in a conference that size completely astound me, I seriously cannot wait!

This daze that I am in called work, is a truly miraculous experience, and I am so thankful for that, as I know not many get to truly enjoy their professions as much as I do. Stick with me as I explore more of the Graphic Design world and all that has to offer, and perhaps we can learn from each other, what it truly means to be successful in ones career path.